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Five tips for advising curvy brides

1)    Be attentive and understanding.

Time and again, we are appalled when curvy brides tell us that they were not treated as valued customers. Regardless of her dress size, no customer should have to put up with comments such as "sorry, we don't stock your size, it's not worth our while", or "that dress costs €300 more, because much more fabric is needed, after all". Curvy brides are very sensitive when it comes to their figure; this should always be taken into account during the sales dialogue.

2)    Support curvy brides by giving them expert advice.

Many plus size brides tend to want to hide their curves and rely on sleeves or boleros to cover their problem zones. However, in actual fact, these solutions only serve to emphasise them even more. You should therefore encourage the bride friendly but firmly to let go of her unsuitable ideas and help her to cleverly accentuate her curves.

3)    Stock a suitable number of plus size dresses.

These days, it's no longer enough to stock a choice of four A-line dresses in size 46 or 48. Curvy brides would like to try on different cuts; they would maybe also like to wear a mermaid style or a boho dress. You should therefore also stock the different styles in the most common plus sizes.

4)    Be honest if you don't stock a wide selection for curvy brides.

Many brides with large dress sizes ring around the shops beforehand and ask specifically for curvy bride wedding dresses. You are a sales assistant: be honest if you don't stock that many designs at the shop, and let the bride decide whether she would like to come along or not. The disappointment will be huge if the bride arrives expectantly for her appointment, only to find that there isn't a suitable choice of dresses.

5)    You should also keep matching accessories in mind.

Plus size brides also want to try out different belts, jackets or hair accessories with their wedding dress. You should therefore stock a range of bridal accessories that match the curvy dresses

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