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Free internet presence in an instant

Is Google MyBusiness suitable for my business? We say yes. Registration is free of charge and it’s a direct link to your customers. Setting up an online presence can be accomplished with a few simple steps. And others will be able to find you more easily and faster.  

With a few clicks to more customers
1.     Google Mail homepage
Just log into your Google account. If you don’t have one, it can be created quickly. Call up Google MyBusiness on the search screen. Then click on “Start now”.

2.     Your business record  
Next you’ll see a map which you might already know from Google Maps. On the left side, you are asked for relevant data about your company. (Name, address, website and category of your business). With the button “Set position of marker”, you can individually drag the red pin to the desired position. Then click on “Continue” and continue with your information. 

3.     Place check next to Conditions of Use
When agreeing to the Conditions of Use, you will automatically receive administrator rights to your GoogleBusiness account and can change or supplement it as desired at any time.

4.     Now it’s Google’s turn
Google now creates your entry. Please ask for a confirmation code during the last step. You can choose to receive this five or six digit code by phone or postcard. This helps Google verify that you’re part of the company. So that everything is correct and in order.

5.     Activating your account
As soon as you receive the code and enter it, your new entry will be activated on the internet and your customers can “google” your business simply and quickly.   

6.     Photos, opening times
Photos bring your entry to life. Show your best side and upload informative pictures about your business, dresses, suits and your team. If desired, a virtual tour of your premises can also be integrated. Your customers will be amazed. 

7.     A tip from us
Look out for user activity. React to assessments and thank the people. If you receive criticism, deal with it openly. A lot of user activity and many positive assessments are a sign to Google that the MyBusiness entry is relevant. And relevance is the highest goal with which the search engine sorts and ranks its search results.

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