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Instagram for beginners Part 2: How to create posts for your business

Instagram is the number 1 source of information for brides and grooms today. This makes it all the more important that you have a presence there with your product range. We showed you how to set up your business account in the last newsletter. Today, we will show you how to fill your channel with life.

1.      What should I post?

Photos, videos or stories - Instagram provides a variety of options for publishing your company news. The classic Instagram format, which is still the most frequently used, is photos. They can be shared in a landscape or portrait format, but attract more attention in portrait format, which is better suited for posting wedding dresses.

2.      How do I post?

Instagram photos can currently only be posted from a mobile device. To do this, start the app and click on the small + symbol in the bar at the bottom. Now you can take a picture or a video or upload a photo from the gallery (Android)/ library (iOS). Instagram thrives on high-quality photos. You should ideally produce them in peace in advance. If you tap the “Next” button after uploading the photo, you will reach the filter function, where you have a choice of optical effects. Try various effects out to get a sense of the app’s possibilities. Depending on the content, you can also add a location or people. Only when you tap on “Next” will the settings be saved. The next step is to compose a caption. It may contain a maximum of 2,200 characters and should describe what and/or who is in the picture. Perhaps you will explain the particular style of a dress or a new collection in your range or refer to campaigns in your store? Incidentally, posts containing emojis are read more frequently.

3.      What are #Hashtags?

To be found by as many users as possible, it is important to use hashtags in all your posts. Like a keyword, they serve as an internal search function and are marked with a hash sign. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags; between 5 and 15 is sufficient. They are generally set directly under the caption and pick up on the content of the photo. Example: #Wedding dress, #Bridal fashion, #Wedding shoes, #Wedding, #Lace, #Strapless

If you need ideas, you can look for suitable hashtags under Please note: Do not forget the hashtag for your store and your brands.

4.      Please share

If you now tap on “Share”, your post will be published. You can judge the success of your post by the “Likes”, the comments and the followers. Now you have to hang on. The more frequently you post, the better you will get to know how the app works, and you will be able to successfully use Instagram as a free digital advertising space

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