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Referral advertising – word of mouth marketing

Ask for feedback: Ask satisfied customers whether they would be willing to rate your offer and service. They can leave their rating in writing on your Google MyBusiness account (don't have one yet? We show you how to set one up, your Facebook or your Instagram pages. However, photos, verbatim quotes or short video clips are also confidence inspiring advertising means you can use either in your shop or online.

Referral advertising: This measure is a classic word of mouth marketing strategy. Start a campaign where customers receive a discount or another kind of bonus when they refer one or several new customers to you.

Establish collaborations: Consider which industry partners you could cooperate with. Hairdresser, jeweller, catering provider, photographer, or maybe a particularly popular local wedding cake maker? Recommend each other and include your partners in your marketing efforts. This increases the credibility of both parties and ensures that both of you gain new customers.

Free vouchers: Reward your customers for their purchases with a voucher or a discount offer for other services (e.g. money off accessories or the subsequent cleaning of the wedding dress). Talk to them and find out whether there are other couples amongst their acquaintances that are planning to marry soon, and give them additional vouchers to pass on.

Create added values: Share your expertise with potential customers. How about compiling a checklist for the last few days before the wedding day? If this list is then shared via social media such as Facebook, it will have a major advertising effect. At the same time, you can display the list in your own shop as well as in partner shops.

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