Interbride Foto and Video productions

During the Interbride Fairs the organization will hire professional photographers and videographers to create a representative overview of all exhibitors and happenings during the Interbride fair.

Stands from the manufacturers showing at Interbride will be captured. The stand crew, the models working on the fair, visitors, organizers, suppliers, and all other people attending the Interbride can be captured in the pictures and video impressions.

Interbride will use the photos and videos for all its marketing and promotion activities. As well on the Interbride website, in their newsletters, social media, PR and publishing activities or any other promotional way to support the Interbride fairs.

Unless people write an explicit email request (info@interbride-messe.eu) not to do so, they might be part of the photos or videos. All visitors will still be captured in crowd shots.

The freelance professional photographers and videographers based their rates on the full and non-restricted use of the delivered material.