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2018 Collection Celebrating made easy

Never before has individuality been so pronounced in the events section as in the Digel Ceremony Collection 2018. Within the multifaceted range that stays uncompromisingly true to its claim of a perfect fit, high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio, everyone is guaranteed to find their ideal personal event outfit.

The key trends of the season:

Wider lapels, modern pleat-front trousers with turn-ups, used-look buttons, paisley lining, and a sporty look characterise the vintage and boho-chic inspired looks. Linen materials in the style of the 70s and 80s take centre stage in this. As well as these authentic linen suits in different shades of beige, the range includes light wool qualities and cotton/wool blends in blue and grey/beige that offer superb wearing characteristics.

Elegant yet with a technical touch, the Luxury Stretch line in blue and black is ideal for young customers who like it “tight”. However, despite the slim and extra-slim figure, movement is not restricted in any way. This is due to the special quality of the blend, together with a highly skilful cut, ensuring optimum freedom of movement.

The new wool quality from the finest Italian wool is particularly elegant. Definitely a reason to celebrate: Even without elastane you get maximum ease of movement. The stretchy lining also maximises the comfort factor of these slim-line suits. And the subtle decorative seams add an extra touch of refinement. The colour spectrum includes extravagant blue and grey, as well as new grey/beige tones too. Two articles are available as NOS modules and therefore available from the warehouse at short notice throughout the whole of the season. In addition, the material blends in the festive Ceremony Looks add an innovative touch. Classic wool qualities in the suits are combined with linen waistcoats or bow ties, for example.

The details of the season: Qualities

As well as the materials already mentioned, that are woven in the mills of famous Italian brand names, an elegant wool/silk blend with subtle chequered squares, new wool scarves with an elegant linen look and high-quality Super 120s with Lycra, complete the season’s innovations. Elegance is rather more discreet; the 2018 Collection knows how to shine in different ways.


The popularity of blue is once again on the increase. The range incorporates all the possible variants of blue, right up to a vibrant royal blue. And grey tonalities are particularly prominent. Grey/beige is emphasising new features like with retro style, tumbling over into brown nuances.


The Ceremony Highlights of the year are a young take on styles of dinner jackets in blue, with lapels in matching silk to add that extra touch of elegance. We’ve played around with the lapels this season, sometimes they are finished with piping, and sometimes split in the same style as the matching waistcoats. Suits with elegantly subtle, tone-in-tone lockstitch seams complete the creative portfolio. The special Digel Ceremony Service deserves a particular mention: Every suit with decorative buttons also comes with a set of business buttons in the inside pocket - one of our original perks. Which means that the suit can also be worn again after the wedding or event.


Playful long styles with shirt collars and pronounced lapels are clearly inspired by baroque and uniform influences. The subtle jacquard patterns also add a special touch. Bold geometric patterns are also part of the range. Jackets with stand-up collars in elegant lengths and with a range of decorative seams are ready to be shown off. A retro jacket worn open is not only exquisite from the front but also looks highly elegant from behind. The cool effect achieved by these jackets is largely due to the cleverness of the clean cut and the quality of the materials and designs.


Decorative waistcoats continue to be full on trend, and waistcoats are being offered in material matching the suits, so that you can make elegant three-piece combinations. Double-breasted waistcoats with contrasting edgings offer a sophisticated alternative for event dressing. A touch that is both casual and sporty: the gilet/waistcoast with lapels, all made from linen.


Linen shirts enrich the new Ceremony Collection and are the perfect partners for the popular vintage look. The main qualities remain delicately fine cotton yarn and cotton/viscose blends, that have a sophisticated matt sheen. The collars, Kent, shark or classic wing, tend to be small. Double cuffs and concealed button plackets form some of the outstanding details. Also, with regular fit, slim fit and extra slim fit, you have three cuts to choose from too.

A comprehensive selection of plastrons, bow ties and cravats rounds off the new Ceremony Collection perfectly.

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